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Can Executives Really Balance Their Work and Life?

“All work and no play makes…” an executive? For many executives, that’s less of a spin on a quote and more of a reality. Without question, running a company, department, or even a new business takes a great deal of time and energy. The problem is when these...

Effective Communication: Communicating Your Needs to Your Inner Circle

Take a minute to think about the last time you felt truly heard by those you depend on. If you had to think back too far, or couldn’t even recall a time, it may be time to evaluate the role communication plays in your life. Poor communication can be disastrous....

Find Balance: 3 Benefits to Giving Yourself a Break

Breaks are not a luxury. Before you try to argue against this point, think about it for a second: a break is one of those rare things that is both needed and attainable by everyone, no matter what walk of life you come from. Most employers include vacation time as...
10 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

10 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Yes, a large percentage of the public and many “spiritual people” are “dealing daily” are with anxiety. My question is, is anxiety another way of testing acceptance of all circumstances? Is being anxious an opportunity for growth? A chance for deeper understanding and...

Pet Spirituality

Pet Spirituality

  Is your pet spiritual?  You've seen your dog stretch in a very clear downward facing dog or your cat do the classic yoga cat stretch. Beside that cute homage to classic yoga postures do you consider your pet to be spiritual? They may be more than you...

Are you caught in a groove on the CD of Life?

Are you caught in a groove on the CD of Life?

What do you think or feel when a CD you are listening to skips and get stuck in a groove. Are you old enough to remember playing a vinyl album on a record player and the needle got stuck in a groove? What if the same thing applies to our actual lives? Is our life or...

Are You a Spirituality Groupie?

Are You a Spirituality Groupie?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that I am, so my enlightened answer is yes and I am darn proud of it! Looking back, I must have attended every type of workshop and studied with the world’s top gurus and spiritual leaders, even more than I can count. It has...

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