Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that I am, so my enlightened answer is yes and I am darn proud of it!

Are You and Your Friends Into Spirituality Jeff AdlerLooking back, I must have attended every type of workshop and studied with the world’s top gurus and spiritual leaders, even more than I can count. It has gotten to the point where my family and friends ask, “when are you going to be done working on yourself?” Like I have a choice? Well, I am always saying we all have choices. My question is; where is the internal peace and joy that all my training have shown me how to find? That question prompted this self-exploration blog.

I am able to access my whole, complete and perfect self in my meditations. I coach, teach, and train others on all the spiritual modalities and I’m honored to watch them transcend and enjoy nirvana. Through this work, my own personal growth and training continue to expand as well.

I am proud and honored to assist my teachers as well as participate in their workshops and no matter how often I hear lectures on “experiencing the oneness” or “just be”, each time the subject is brand new for me.

I also enjoy seeing familiar faces. No matter if it is east or west coast, or in-between or a spiritual cruise anywhere in the world, I continue to see many of the same people. I see us as all on a life’s journey, and as I put this blog together I realized seeing these faces is like coming home. Like a verification that there are other groupies out there like me looking to continue on our growth path.

It is like a reunion and I have become very comfortable at these events and seeing those smiling zen’d out faces. We can all talk about shared experiences we have had. It is a common bond. Isn’t that another form of the oneness? Maybe a “groupie” oneness? Is this how musical band groupies feel?

What I have come to realize is that we all have a knowing in us and I can tap into that oneness and the teachings at any time AND it’s so enjoyable to have a network eager to attend the training that I am so grateful are still out there. They Spiritual Practices Make You Happy Jeff Adlerare not only out there, the good news is the attendance is growing. There is a new generation of transformed people searching. The Yoga classes across the country are being attended at record numbers, and fortunately many in class and other modalities, like the internet, feel a spark, a sense of remembering of a true self. They attend a workshop, get hooked on what could be possible in their life, then maybe join the “groupie” network. Maybe mix it in with a musical concert?

What is your experience of being a spirituality groupie? Leave a comment below!

Jeff Adler is an Transformative Life Coach and can be reached here.