Learn to Improve - Are you stuck in the groove on the CD of lifeWhat do you think or feel when a CD you are listening to skips and get stuck in a groove. Are you old enough to remember playing a vinyl album on a record player and the needle got stuck in a groove? What if the same thing applies to our actual lives?

Is our life or parts of a life so routine that you feel you are stuck in the groove or the routine keeps replaying? I find even if stuff is working we get stuck repeating the same process over and over again. Can we consider if we are stuck on track 7 of a 14 track CD, what might we be missing on track 8-14 even if we are happy with track 1-7.

What holds us back from first realizing we are stuck and then taking action to free us up? What would it be like if we finished all 14 tracks and then put in disk 2, 3, 4, 5 and let those unknown subjects play out?


It’s time to hit the play button in your life.


If we practice what we are taught in our spiritual training then we have a choice and the decision for that choice is always based on love or fear. My good friend James Van Praagh uses a magical expression that drives home this fear or love point. “on the lower end of the radio dial is 89.9 where all the fear based emotions live, like anger, rage, frustration and hurt. Up the dial at 107.5 we can experience, love, joy and peace. What end of the dial are you choosing?

Are we in the middle of the radio dial, or in the middle of the CD and what will it take to transform? Action, we just need to continue to put ourselves out there and create anything that is possible. If we are unattached to the outcome and surrendered to what is, what is left to turn up the volume on action.

If you feel stuck and even after reading this and thinking about growing your abundant life? Try sitting down with a pen and paper and prepare to do a short mediation.


Start by asking yourself the four soul questions.

Who am I. What do I want. What is my purpose. How can I be a contribution?


Let the questions go. Do some deep breathing and clear you mind. After a few minutes, open your eyes and start writing in your journal – Break Through Bad Habits Jeff Adlerreal and active steps that will help you move forward.

Let me know what radio dial number you are on today and what other thoughts you may have on being in action!