Is your pet spiritual? 

Animals Are Healers Jeff AdlerYou’ve seen your dog stretch in a very clear downward facing dog or your cat do the classic yoga cat stretch. Beside that cute homage to classic yoga postures do you consider your pet to be spiritual? They may be more than you think; we all know that animals pick up on things and are very sensitive, right? They are used in police, medical, transportation and many other kinds of work. Why do you think that is? Animals are very sensitive and can deepen their abilities with additional training.

Cats and dogs experience love for us no matter what. This is certainly a great message for us humans. Forgiving mistakes and continuing to love is of the great lessons we witness for animals. Our pets have certainly mastered this.

There are several scientific studies showing that pets do understand our emotions. Scientists discovered the region of dog’s brains that allows them to witness emotion in our voice which is the same area of the brain in humans. Other animal studies have proven that dogs recognize facial expressions, so they understand how we are feeling. It is not just wild imagination, pets really develop unconditional love for us.

I have a wonderful friend that is doing some magical things with the connection of dogs and spirituality. You will enjoy, or on Facebook SamaDogWellbeing and there are even online courses now available that will deepen this experience,

So, yes I would say that animals are very spiritual and can be a huge asset to our own spiritual growth.

A friend of mine has a delightful, heart centered business in which they work with dogs and meditation to better human suffering and grief.Pets Can Help You Grow Jeff Adler

What do you think about pets and spirituality? What is your experience? Do you have an animal that guided you through a very difficult time? How do your animals guide you through daily challenges and triumphs?

If we learn to see our pets as healers we can lean upon them to guide us and elevate our capacity to love, they want this too, they were born to be our best friends.