Struggling to Find Work/Life Balance?

This coaching program will help you discover …

  • Why on earth you are working so much!

  • How to be present with your family when spending time with them.

  • How to access that sweet spot of satisfaction in your work life balance.

  • How to reduce your stress around the pressure you are facing in each area of your life.

  • How to identify your relationship and the meaning of money to create more satisfaction and happiness.

  • How to effectively communicate your feelings and needs to your family members.

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This 6-Session Coaching Program Assists You with Balancing your Work Life by Helping you:

Create a Family/Work Vision…

Much of what we do in life is based on our vision of what our lives should be like. Our dream career, our dream house, or vacations we want to take, etc… We start to paint a picture of the life we want to lead but some aspects of that life may not be as clear to us as others. We may know what we want from our career, but not much beyond that. What we lack is a proper Family/Life Vision. By cultivating this vision, you’ll have a better understanding of what your goals are and you’ll move closer to the work and family balance you want.

Identifying Your Areas of Success and Areas Lacking…

Once we have a clear vision of what we want, achieving that vision may still be a struggle. Creating work/life balance does not happen overnight. It is a journey. Once you have a clear vision of your end goals, you can create an awareness of the areas in your life that are lacking. With this awareness, you’ll have action steps and tools to use towards the areas that need more presence to create more work life balance.

Creating Satisfaction at Work and Home…

Change requires action. Yet, without a plan your actions will be futile. When you define the steps you need to take, you can better focus your actions. With guidance, you will create conscious action steps to take in these moments and will experience more balance and peace.

Having a Deeper Understanding and Awareness of Your Stress and How it May be Helping You…

Stress affects every part of your life, often in ways you don’t expect. We may not even be aware of the stressors in our life or what is causing them. We may just have a feeling of unease or anger. With proper guidance, you can learn to evaluate your life and understand where the stress is coming from. When you take the time to evaluate the stress in your life, you develop ways to cope. You’ll have tools to greatly reduce stress and the ability to manage stress when it arises.

Understanding the Relationship between Your Earning Potential and Happiness

There is a correlation between how much money you make and how happy you are. However, that does not mean you will only be happy if you make more money. It means you need to have balance between your income and the other aspects of your life. Having harmony and balance is the key to taking the lid off earning potential.

Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Importance of Being Present

Life is made up of moments. With each moment you have the choice to be in it or you have the choice to let your mind be elsewhere. Often, our dissatisfaction comes from not seeing what is right in front of us. You may find yourself always thinking that there is something else you should be doing. It takes work to stay in the moment and enjoy it. When you take the time to learn why you are not in the moment, you learn the value of being present. You gain the tools you need to communicate effectively and bring your life into balance.

“Jeff Adler is a compassionate, understanding and gifted soul. His intuitive skills are so finely tuned that anyone who chose his guidance, as a life or “soul” coach, would notice a surreal change affecting all areas of their lives. With his support and insights, the life you truly want to live will indeed come true.”

James Van Praagh

Educator, Author, Psychic, Spiritual Medium,

Jeff is an excellent coach, especially when it comes to intuitive transformation. Jeff will show you in many ways that a shift in perception can change the way you think, feel, and relate to yourself, others and the world around you. It has been an honor to work with him over the years.

Renee Rignalda

Chopra Center Leadership,

Jeff has high regard for the soul. He is deeply compassionate, caring and a highly gifted intuitive. His empathy for the human condition is profound. He is full of wisdom and wise counsel. Consider yourself blessed to work with him.

Kellee White

Beverly Hills Psychotherapist, Radio Host, Spiritual Medium, LMFT Psychotherapist,

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